Hrm598 - Case Study 1

Topics: Job description, Recruitment, Grocery store Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Given nine untitled job descriptions for the Whole Foods Market corporation, my assignment was to review them, give them appropriate job titles and assign a job structure, explaining my thought process and method of analysis. I was then to evaluate the job descriptions and provide feedback on what information was beneficial and what could be improved.

After reading the job descriptions I assigned a job title that I felt both represented the job duties and aligned with the other Whole Foods job titles mentioned in the exercise. These are the job titles I originally decided on, prior to establishing a job structure. •JOB A: Deli Team Member

JOB B: Register Team Member
JOB C: Prepared Foods Team Leader
JOB D: Prepared Foods Assistant Team Leader
JOB E: Kitchen Team Assistant
JOB F: Grocery Assistant Team Leader
JOB G: Prepared Foods Associate Team Leader
JOB H: Regional Team Leader
JOB I: Grocery Team Member

When establishing the job structure, I realized there was no need for the department to be part of the title. Although the duties might be different depending on their assigned department, the level of responsibility was approximately the same and jobs could be considered one generic position (i.e. “Team Member”). Therefore, I made the positions more general in title and chose to conduct a basic ranking method in order to determine the job structure. WHOLE FOODS MARKET – STORE JOB STRUCTURE

Regional Team Leader (Job H)
Store Team Leader
Associate Store Team Leader
(Department) Team Leader (Job C)
Associate Team Leader (Job G)
Assistant Team Leader (Job D-Prepared Foods and Job F-Grocery) Team Member (Job A-Deli, Job B-Register, and Job I-Grocery)
Team Assistant (Job E)

In my attempt to title each of the positions, I first simply read through the job descriptions multiple times, noting the job duties, level of responsibility and...
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