Carter Cleaning Company;

Topics: Employment, Career, Career counseling Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: December 2, 2011
Career planning- the deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations, and other characteristics and establish action plans to attain specific goals. If the Carter Cleaning Company setting up a career planning program the company receives advantages such as improve leadership skills, keeping career on track, dealing with career problems, to help achieve educational targets effectively and also help to evaluate personality. A well-planned career helps to achieve goals. As time passes by, growth and needs change. On my mind, every employee in the company must participate in the career planning program because through this program employees achieve formal education, utilize development opportunities, establish goals, assess interests and skills, values, and responsibility for her/his career. Training and development programs play important role in career planning program too. Program provides different opportunities for learning skills and attitudes related to job. Through the career workshop every employee learning the event in which participant are expected to be actively involved. Career Development Program is lifelong activities which contribute to a person career exploration, establishment, and success. Career Development Programming is delivered through a combination of several processes and methods. I propose a career development program for Carter Cleaning Company which consists of individual development plan, career coaching/counseling plan, training and development program, and career workshop plan; and I hope it will be effective for the company. Individual Development Plan- creates a career development plan to articulate your goals and plan concrete steps to achieve them. Assessment-identify current skills, knowledge, abilities, and interests; Goals- identify new skills goals, knowledge, and experiences which would like to acquire and have; Learning Purpose- identify gap between the current...
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