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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Learning task 2: Report
Due DateWeek 6
Length12 to 14 pages excluding cover and reference page

You will be responsible for identifying and researching one eminent creator – someone who has become known for being passionately creative. They could be a scientist, inventor, or entrepreneur. You may choose someone from the business world or from any area of life for this report. The person need not be famous per se, but must have made many significant contributions to their discipline / society during their life.

The goal of the exercise is to apply insights from the course (especially from Buzan, de Bono and Proctor) in order to explain the conditions that foster or hinder creativity in an individual’s career or in the trajectory of a particular discovery.

Focus on the following issues: What is their background? What are the major stages of their career? What are their most profound contributions? To what do you attribute their creative genius? What did they teach you that you can apply to your life?

You will need to find at least 5 references (books or articles written about the person). Web or internet pages are ok but will not count toward the 5 references.

Criteria for Assessment:
The criteria against which the report will be assessed are as follows: * demonstrated understanding of the creativity and innovation process; * ability to answer the question asked;
* evidence of appropriate reading and research; and
* quality and completeness of the report including correct presentation, citation of sources and clarity of expression.
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