Creative Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Play, Learning Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: May 16, 2013
1.1 Describe why creative development is important to children’s learning. Playing is how children have fun, but it is also how they learn. Creative development is important to a child’s learning as it helps them to find out about the world and how to get on with others, it also helps them express themselves, develop their abstract thinking. It can allow them to make choices, solve problems and develop their social and communication skills. Creative development:

* Builds self-esteem: providing children creative resources, confirming their right to play and encourages individuality. * It increases self-awareness: Feel free to express by themselves, a characteristic that stimulates and is stimulated by the creative process, is a prerequisite for success in different areas. In a positive environment, children can express their feelings and be themselves. * Develop communication: Children who are denied the opportunity to express themselves, tend to express their feelings directly and inadequate, for example, stealing, damaging or breaking objects. * It promotes socialization: Children who know how to express a range of feelings have a clear advantage in social relationships. Become more aware of the feelings of others and also more receptive.

1.2 Describe how creative development links to other areas of learning and development within the framework related to own work setting. Creative development can link many other areas of development, for example: In my workplace I use the ocean as a topic to make jellyfishes; this activity links most of the areas of EYFS: * Communication and language development: I discuss with the children about the animals and plants that live in the ocean, they all manage to name some which they already known. * Personal, social and emotional development: this activity teaches...
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