Career Plan Building Activity: Week 2

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Career Plan Building Activity: Week 2
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MGT/521 Management

Career Plan Building Activity: Week 2
This paper consists of the work culture results of the career plan module. It is very important to know the culture that surrounds each individual and how to develop in it. Within every company there are different cultures and each employee will react in a different way to the changes in his workplace. That’s why we are evaluating the results from the module to better understand the ideal culture for some individuals. In the result there is a high tendency to a culture where reflection, high powered occupations, high salaries, rapid promotions and the opportunity to acquire new skills or proficiencies is very important. Also career advancement, and overall career development are an important aspect of these results. Individuals that are team work oriented tend to be highly successful and these types of individuals are highly ethical. In order to determine your strategy, you must understand fully the internal and external environmental factors that affect you ( 1996-2013). With that knowledge, you can identify opportunities and be successful. After gaining an understanding of the workplace environment, a person may make informed choices and implementation the strategy effectively. Without this understanding the strategies will fail immediately and cause chaos with other personnel. Strategy creation follows a three-stage process: * Analyzing the context in which you're operating.

* Identifying strategic options.
* Evaluating and selecting the best options.
What makes SWOT uniquely powerful is that, with a bit of imagination, it can help discover the opportunities that otherwise would not have spotted. Through an understanding of your weaknesses, it help an individual manage and removing threats that may harm the ability to move forward. If looking at oneself using the SWOT framework, a person can start to separate from...
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