Can Teen Pregnancy Be Prevented?

Topics: Sex education, Birth control, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: April 30, 2013
LaTonya Taylor
Britton Shurley
English 102 (T/Thurs 9:30)
4 April 2013
“Can Teen Pregnancy be Prevented?”
Nationwide, 50% of high school students have had sexual intercourse. Approximately 25% of adolescent females report using no contraceptive method at the time of first intercourse (Pollack 1). Even though sex education is almost universal in U.S. schools, its content varies and is very basic. In order to prevent rising teen pregnancy rates communities should allow more sex education in schools, teens should also have easier access to contraceptives, “Well all of my friends are doing it.” Is what pops up in conversation with parents and their teens. Parents should get more educated on talking to their teens about pregnancy prevention.

Schools should allow more sex education classes. Even though topics such as abstinence and common information on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are commonly taught throughout high school class rooms, birth control and how to get access to contraceptives are spoken of less. Teens need to know the risk and consequences of unprotected sex. Studies indicated professionally prepared health educator were significantly more likely to teach 7 of 13 sexuality topics such as birth control, STD’s , and abstinence compared to nonprofessionally prepared health educators(Rhodes 2). Even though there isn’t many differences in any of the U.S. regions, there is still different views on sex education in schools. A lot of places only want abstinence only sex education. Some teachers are concerned about possible adverse community reaction, and teaching in a school without a district- or school level sex education policy.

Contraceptives vary in many different prices, but in many local clinics it’s given away free. Teens should have easier access to contraceptives. The use of contraceptives could decline the growing rate of teen pregnancy. Contraceptives are very convenient and effective and provides health benefits...
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