Birth Control in Schools

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Sex education Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Teenage pregnancy is very difficult for young woman to deal with; therefore contraception should be accessible in schools. Nowadays the rates of unwanted pregnancy at high schools are extremely high and grow every year, if more schools handed out contraceptives, this problem could potentially decrease. Even though some may agree with this idea, some totally disagree; thinking by handing out contraceptives will only encourage them to have sex. Another issue concerning some people is that by handing out contraceptives in school, is that if the parents need to give permission to do so or not. “However, most respondents in a 2007 AP poll stated that they felt a parent’s consent was required before a school could give out contraceptives. Only about five percent of high schools in the United States distribute birth control.” stated A.E Freeman.

High schools should pass out contraceptives to teens because it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and premature motherhood. Nearly every high school student is not ready to become a parent. Teens being careless and not thinking about their future often don’t use protection or any other type of contraception, and as a result, young girls even at the age of 17 become pregnant or even earlier. Making contraceptives accessible to teens could help the risk of them becoming pregnant at such a young age. While others disagree, stating that there is only one way of knowing you won’t get pregnant at all is abstaining from sex. Being abstinence pretty much means that you wait till marriage until you have sex. Some schools even promote abstinence only education, and by teaching them that, students are not learning the risks of sex. They are not teaching them about the many deadly diseases that they could get (STDs), and how they could prevent them and prevent it. Although many think abstinence only is a good idea, I don’t. Almost every school has a sex Ed class or a health class; schools have the responsibility to teach us about sex...
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