Campaign Report for Lynx Deodorant and National Breast Cancer Foundation

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Target audience Pages: 9 (2719 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The prevalence of breast cancer in today’s society is a testament to the growing severity of the disease. It has, as a result, become a highly visible social cause. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is an independent non-for-profit charity whose main purpose is to promote and raise funds for breast cancer research.

It is our belief that by linking the social cause, and in turn the NBCF, with LYNX a visible increase in brand equity will be observed by consumers. We aim to do this by promoting breast cancer awareness among a target audience of young men aged 17 – 25. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the differentiation of linking the social cause with LYNX will see an increase in sales as well as promote a positive brand perception among the female market. An increase in sales is vital to the success of this campaign, as a portion of each purchase of LYNX will act as a donation on behalf of the consumer to the NBCF.

LYNX: ‘Helping Men in the Mating Game’
LYNX is a brand that is not adverse to controversy. As a result, it enjoys a very distinct brand image in what has been described by some as a fickle and constantly evolving market place (Gladstone & Kelly 2002). This can be attributed to the boldness of its tongue-in-cheek and irreverent approach to previous advertising campaigns. LYNX’s brand message of ‘helping men in the mating game’ is encapsulated in the underlying message of its previous campaigns; ‘women like men who smell good’ (Unilever 2011) therefore LYNX will help you get lucky with the ladies.

The brand positions itself as a fragrance that is so seductive that it will cause women to make the first move (Lee 2010). This position is emulated in what has been termed by the company as ‘The Lynx Effect’. It is consistently represented in all previous campaign communications by the company and is therefore an important and key element that has to be maintained throughout this current campaign.

Reaching Our Target Market in an Effective and Relevant Way
In a recent survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research (2011) it was established that, in terms of its consumer base, LYNX has a strong market in young men aged 14 – 24. The target audience varies from campaign to campaign depending on its objectives. Therefore, we believe that a target audience of young men aged 17 – 25 is appropriate for this current campaign due to the nature of the social cause and the objectives we wish to achieve. Furthermore, a secondary target audience has been identified in women as it has been understood that women make 60% of purchases for personal care products (Precourt 2010).

In reaching these target audiences, we believe that a fully integrated approach is necessary. A full integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign offers an effective strategy in terms of the reach it provides. The IMC contact tools to be utilised throughout the duration of this campaign include the following; broadcast and print media, public relations and publicity, events, internet and interactive media, word of mouth, point of purchase sales and out-of-home media.

The results of a study that looked at the media consumption of young men aged 18 – 24 indicate that television, as a medium, was the most used by participants (Logan 2008). The study also indicated that television provided the greatest number of recalled messages in comparison to other mediums. In addition to this it has been understood that the average Australian spends more time watching television than they do surfing the net (Burlace 2008). It is for these reasons, as well as the pervasiveness of the medium, that we believe television should be utilised to reach both the primary and secondary target audiences.

In terms of print media, magazines offer a targeted way to reach our audience. It would be appropriate to place print advertisements in both Zoo Weekly and FHM to reach the primary target audience. Readership is estimated to be over...
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