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  • Published: October 3, 2011
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Company overview

• History
A global consumer goods company, founded in Cincinnati in 1837 by William Procter, by an Englishman and an Irishman. They have about 300 brands sold in over 160 countries. We employ 100,000 people worldwide and have annual sales of 41 billion dollars. Procter & Gamble started its operations in Pakistan in 1991 with the goal of becoming the finest global local consumer goods company operating in Pakistan. With commitment came growth, and in 1994 they acquired a soap-manufacturing facility, a sprawling 7-acre land at Hub, Balochistan. Over the past nine years, the plant achieved state-of-art manufacturing technologies and quality assurance processes. With a recent strategic investment of 5 million dollars, the bar soap production capacity jumped three-fold.  As a company they have always believed in the potential Pakistan has as a country and a nation to develop and excel. No wonder P&G Pakistan, within the last 12 years, has reinvested over $100 million in Pakistan and has contributed close to seven billion rupees to the Pakistani government's revenues over the last 5 years in the form of sales tax, customs and excise duties. That is also why 99% of the jobs that P&G Pakistan creates in Pakistan are held by Pakistanis. All this makes P&G a more locally involved company than many companies actually headquartered in Pakistan. 

Since the inception of P&G Pakistan, they have always committed their selves to business growth, consumer satisfaction and community development. Thanks to their committed base of employees, customers, vendors, stakeholders, and above all, consumers, today they are one of the most thriving operations in Pakistan.  And now they proudly celebrate being a part of the Pakistani way of life.

• Science behind the brands
Many people think of P&G as simply a marketing company and are surprised by the enormous depth and breadth of our science capability. [pic]Product Innovations...
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