Bussiness Plan Presentation

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Business Plan Presentation
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Executive Summary
The field of food industry never stops from growing. Food, being one of the most important needs of human individuals, has taken a greater effect on the growth of the human society at present. Today, not only is food seen as an important part of healthcare needs, but also that of the basic foundation of social linkages. Many occasions that human individuals engage in at present end up in sharing food. Special instances such as celebrations certainly mandate the need to prepare special food presentations that would fit the theme of the occasion and the audiences or the people to be fed. This is the reason why the growth of specialized food preparation business organizations continues to gain instant attention in the field of food industry. Catering services is one among the many well known systems of food preparation operations in this particular industry. For the documentation that follows, a presentation on how SERVIZO, a catering company from Connecticut, shall be introduced in an aim of providing guidance to its administrators with regards the proper impact that the business itself could make in the industry of food preparation services. This presentation shall make a huge indication on the development of the business concerned herein. About the Company

Danny Jones and Frank Thompson came together to create a food servicing organization that is ready to provide food preparation assistance to individuals wanting to hold particular organized celebrations that are intended to create fun times for the whole family or the whole organization concerned in the said occasions. To make the business operations more defined and well organized, the partners decided to share responsibilities instigating a more fixed process of handling the...
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