Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Marketing strategy Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Strategy and Tactics Paper
In 1998 Kathy Kudler (owner), opened a gourmet food establishment with an ideal image of starting a business which provided the freshest ingredients as well as cooking instruments for individuals cooking benefit. Due to the company’s success Kathy has moved forward with expanding business. Business additions include three locations. Within the companies continued success Kudler’s foods continues to improve, provide and expand services to improve the operation while attracting and retaining customers. Kudler Fine Foods has generated a profit due to Kathy’s dedication to her employees, customers and operation. Kathy’s knowledge and awareness in regards to remaining successful will benefit the company as it develops effective marketing strategies included but not limited to tactics as well as marketing research. In providing continued success an important factor understands the importance of marketing research. The "Importance Of Marketing Research" (2013) The importance of marketing research is to make marketing decisions, survive competition, decide target markets, maximize profits and increase sales. Customer satisfaction is the key in building, establishing and continuing relationships. Customer’s opinions matter in a relationship. Building trust as well as following through on an act will also draw clientele. Customer service levels can be improved by gathering information from customer’s opinions on how to improve, products he or she would like to add and so forth. Within Marketing research Kudler Fine Foods is provided an outlet to identify, pinpoint, and trigger opportunities. Through market research the company will have a better understanding as to whether a service or good will be utilized upon addition or implementation. Such a process will ensure the company is dedicating time, energy and money towards the demand of customers. In the continuance of market research Kudler’s can...
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