Busn 258 Week 2 You Decide

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BUSN 258

Week 2 You Decide

The biggest critical issue that we are dealing with is lack of communication and everyone is out to blame the other instead of working as a team. Bob (the sales manager) is blaming the mistake on the customer. The operations manager is also blaming the customer on not sending in all the information that was needed. The CFO is blaming sales and operations. The customer service representative, Monica, is blaming the customer for not getting the information in on time and the fact that she was not approved for overtime and the customer is blaming the company. There are several different things that need to be done to resolve the issues in this company. The first thing that needs to occur is a company wide meeting. Everyone needs to discuss the situation together. They all need to come up with realistic times to have items completed. Monica needs to understand that even if she was not authorized to work overtime that it is still her job to get the information to whom it needs to go to as soon as she gets it. If she didn’t get the information she needed on time it is up to her to contact the customer for the information or contact her supervisor to see what they want to do. Everyone needs to work together as a team and realize that if one person is not doing their job that the whole company fails. They also need to know that if they keep losing business that the company will be shut down and they will no longer be employed. The managers need to step up and get their team under control and communicate better amongst each other.
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