Crt/205 Week 2

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CRT/205: Mapping Arguments
Children in the Backseat Are the Worst Distraction for Driver In this the issue considered is the way of driving with the children in the backseat. Therefore this is a difficult one as the roads will have more traffic and driving is not an easier one. If it is done with children then it will be more difficult as they will be playing inside car and will be a hard task to control them. Then they have various distractions like that of visual distractions, manual distractions and cognitive distractions. These will be very hard for drivers as they need to be very careful in it while driving with a child.

Thus the stated premise is the way of driving without distractions and unstated premise is dealing with children. Then it is considered as a hard one where there is a child in the backseat and will make it harder for drivers. Therefore the drivers need to have good fours on all these distractions as it will make the driver to make an accident. The accident occurs if the drivers fall on any one of the distraction. Then the accident must be avoided by the drivers by carefully dealing with these three distractions. Thus the driver need not make any kind of mistake like that of texting while driving a car. This must be taken as a careful one while driving with children as it is to be considered while driving.

Therefore the distractions are related to eyes, hand and mind respectively. This must be kept in control while driving without any kind of accident. Thus the driver needs to keep his focus on the road to avid the visual distraction. Then the driver needs to keep his hand on the steering while driving without moving his hands. Finally the driver needs to have his clear focus with the mind while driving a car with the children t the back seat.

Therefore this kind of driving a car with the children behind will make it very hard for all the drivers and they needs to make their good focus on the three factors like their eyes, hands and...
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