Business Research Week 1

Topics: Tysons Corner, Virginia, Sunrise Senior Living, Research Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Caroline Mushashu
Business Research
Jessica Guillory
Recognizing the Situation
This is a summary of the business research process of my experience as a care manager at sunrise Assisted living. The health care business is new to me; however it is a rewarding experience. Sunrise assisted living’s Paul and terry Klaassen founder was the first to admit that the company exists to make a profit. Through business research and they mission to please people, and to champion quality of life for all seniors. Nearly three decades later Sunrise assisted living is still thriving. Sunrise Senior Living’s unique resident centered services are delivered by a team trained to encourage independence, preserve dignity, enable freedom of choice and protect the privacy of each resident. Sunrise operates communities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, with a total capacity of nearly 30,000 units. At Sunrise I have Recognize a situation or problem, which needs addressing with management. The problem is that when the resident moved in the facility, they are given false information. The families believe, and think that when their mother or father moves in, the caregivers need to do everything. The rooms are very expensive and once the resident moves in, they do not provide the care they were told before moving in. I feel like the marketing departments need to know and stop giving false information to the families. The solution to this is to address the issue to all the managers and marketing department and let them know that this issue is affecting the care givers. They are things like ironing, to be with a resident one on one, and taking care of their pets and other things that the caregivers don’t do. But when moving in they don’t tell them the truth. So these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. At sunrise they take ethics very serious and most important factor. One of those issues is human resources, which takes a strong look at fairness...
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