Preparing to Conduct Business Research

Topics: Type I and type II errors, Null hypothesis, Sampling Pages: 6 (1857 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 3

Michael Griebling


January 28, 2013

Benjamin Millard, Ph.D.

Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 3

UPS is an organization that depends on reliable and efficient employees and management. More importantly, the organization must maintain dependability and efficiency while upholding a strict set of safety procedures and guidelines ("Ups Enterprise Portal", 2013). It is essential that all employees are properly trained on all operating safety procedures and for management to continually enforce safety guidelines.

In the recent months, it has come to the attention of UPS regional manager Bob Thomas that there has been a significant increase in employee safety violations at one of his company's locations. With a strong focus on the importance of following safety procedures carefully, Bob's concern leads him to investigate the issue further. Bob begins his investigation by proposing three possible research questions and hypotheses. He questions whether the issue is related to improper enforcement, inadequate training, or negligence. Bob then develops hypotheses stating that the safety violations are either related to improper enforcement, inadequate training, or negligence.

With every research question and hypothesis that is presented, there are also a number of variables that can be linked to them in order to come to a conclusion. The variables in this case would be: what are the ages of the employees who made violations, the length of time the employees had been employed with the company when the violation occurred, which staff member(s) trained the employees, and under whose management did the violation occur? Understanding these variables will help narrow down whether the employee safety violations are a result of improper enforcement by a particular manager, inadequate training by designated trainers, or if the violations are a result of negligence by the employee, could it be attributed by the employees age or length of time within the company.

We begin to look at the sampling methods and what would the most appropriate method would be to use, we determined that the most appropriate sampling method to be used is probability sampling. This type of sampling will allow UPS to survey employees at random and every employee has an equal chance of being picked for the survey. Probability samples are also the only way to obtain precise estimates in order to determine what is causing so many safety violations at UPS. Our sampling frame will be the list of all current employees. If we have narrowed down the safety violations to a certain hub, then the sampling list can be the current employees of that facility. If privacy policies permit us to, we can obtain this list from the human resources department. The sampling size for the research will need to consist of a larger population of the employees in order to gain the most precise results. The sample size will be based on the nature of the research questions, and the degree of precision that is needed to reach the desired results. In addition, the sampling size will be determined by the amount of resources available. All of the employees and representatives understand the legal and ethical issues in giving and receiving gifts in which it affects their reputation and could be perceived as bribes for service. UPS is all about being committed to the health, wellness and safety for all staff, and management is all about keeping this in check. They want to keep the staff protected and well informed. Everyone is and should be involved in the health and safety of everyone. When an unsafe condition or practice, or non-compliant action is identified, prompt and appropriate action must be taken to correct the condition and prevent it from recurring. Their commitment to Integrity is of the utmost importance, they are...
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