Business Research Methods, Part Ii

Topics: Longitudinal study, Therapy, Cohort study Pages: 6 (1606 words) Published: December 2, 2011

Business Research Methods, Part II
University of Phoenix
QNT/HC561: Applied Business in Research & Statistics in Health Care Group ID: MBAY0ZATZ9
Erik Kirk, PhD
August 22, 2011

Recently, Learning Team “A” was tasked with developing a research question arising from an organizational dilemma faced by the Physical Therapy Clinic. As a result of preliminary research analysis, the team determined constraints in clinical practice were having a negative impact on the therapist’s ability to fully meet patient needs. A proposal was submitted to organizational leadership that included recommendations to utilize a standard six-step research question hierarchy process. The result would produce a data pool that would be used to perform a full analysis of the issue found in the preliminary research phase.

Learning Team “A” will choose a survey design package after review of several method options available to them. After settling on the method that best suits the project purpose, the team will develop a survey using a pre-defined measurement scale selected to ensure that third-party payer group responses will produce useful data. Finally, the team will determine the optimal variable classification to use to conduct the final analysis of data. Survey Method Selection & Justification of Choice

One of the most critical components of the Physical Therapy Clinic research project is the process by which information will be gathered from respondents to provide information on services provided by the clinic. After careful consideration of the various survey methods available to the team and balancing the obvious advantages and disadvantages of each, the use of a longitudinal survey was selected as the method that would produce the optimum data set for future analysis. The longitudinal survey method is utilized when one wishes to gather data that spreads over a specified period. The longitudinal survey presents the research team with the options of gathering trend, cohort, or panel study-based data. The trend study data is the most useful option because of its ability to combine data from several studies of the same population to show trends in behavior. Additional longitudinal surveys may be conducted at a future date on the cohort to determine whether it is a specific type of injury or treatment plan is influencing the third-party payer ability or desire to reimburse the organization. Finally, panel studies should also be considered to determine if changes in population size or activity during a particular time of the year is responsible for the trend of nonpayment by payer groups (Colorado State University, 2011). Construct a Survey Appropriate For the Research Question and Sample

The main goal of the survey is to identify the possible "constraints" from the sample group that will give possible answers to why there may be a denial of claims submitted to insurance companies because there was not a successful rehabilitation. The questions will also help in identifying the successful patient’s background, treatment plan, and prognosis that insurance companies are more apt to pay on their claim. After the comparison of the data collected from the answers from the survey, the physical therapist would have a better understanding on how to control the constraints that are prohibiting the full rehabilitation of certain patients. All answers from the questionnaires will be compared and evaluated to explore the different findings to what, why, how certain physical therapy initial evaluations are more successful than others with the same diagnosis. A sample of three patients were selected and all diagnosis with a left torn knee meniscus. Sample Survey Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3
1) What is the diagnosis?Answer: Torn left knee meniscusAnswer: Torn left knee meniscusAnswer: Torn left knee meniscus...
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