Business Research Method 600 Week 5

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1.Ch.11 - 6 -- Below are listed some objects of varying degrees of abstraction. Suggest properties of each of these objects that can be measured by each of the four basic types of scales.

a. Store customers:
Nominal – gender, race, religion, age, marital status
Ordinal – frequency of purchases (frequent, seldom, never) Interval –
Ratio – total monthly purchases

b. Voter attitudes
Nominal – democrat, republican, independent, other
Ordinal – popularity of candidates
Interval –
Ratio – number of votes cast for each candidate
c. Hardness of steel alloys
Nominal – types of alloys
Ordinal – The order of alloys in terms of hardness
Interval – Rank/Scale in terms of hardness
Ratio – Ratio of softer to harder alloys

d. Preference for a particular common stock
Nominal – industry and sector classifications of stock
Ordinal – order of stock in terms of preference
Interval – ranking scale in terms of preference or ranking scale in comparison to other similar stocks within the same industry classification Ratio – stock performance ratio over a given time period

e. Profitability of various divisions in a company
Nominal – the various divisions in the company
Ordinal – the order of the most profitable divisions to the least profitable divisions Interval – ranking scale of profitability among various divisions Ratio – ratio of profitability each year
2. Ch. 12 - 2 -- Assume you are Menu Foods and you planned a major research study just prior to the largest pet food recall in our history. You plan to proceed with the study and feel you must add one or more questions to measure the consumer’s confidence that your firm will be able to recover. Draft a scale for each of the following types that will measure that confidence.

a. Constant-sum scale
On a scale of 1 – 100, please rate your confidence in Menu Foods products: Before the recall ____
After the recall ____
Before + After = 100
b. Likert-type summated scale
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