Business Process Management

Topics: Process management, Business process management, Enterprise resource planning Pages: 11 (2573 words) Published: May 2, 2013
1. BPM and Strategy
According to the overview of Tim’s Dynometers Pty Ltd, it shows the decline of profits from 2009 to 2010. It is due to the wrong track management and Tim should implement the alternative method which is Business Process Management (BPM). BPM has been widely recognized by many companies (Rhee, Cho& Bae 2010) and Chib and Cheong (2009)said that the companies running business with BPM approach are more likely to be successful up to 90%. Fortunately, it is not difficult to cope with in terms of implementation and modification. Thus, BPM should be adopted in Tom’s company. Business Process Management (BPM) is a suggestion to improve agility and operational performance for the success. BPM framework includes employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software system which control process in organization (Aufait, 2009). Moreover, the investigation from Global In dusty Analyst found that BPM adoption of tools can helps firm to improve making decision in complex problems, develop strategy and increase human cooperation (IFO-MGMT, 2011). The BPM strategies empower companies to align their internal process so that they can reflect on the more values for the external customers and better meet customers’ needs (Ebizq, 2010). Customer’s responsiveness is the most valuable aspect for the company’s sustainability. Antonucci & Richard (2009) states that the BPM approach accept the company to use developed position for high performance. It is sure that the BPM can build the innovative structure which suits for Tim’s business and help them to increase workflow.Besides, the BPM approach links to value proposition which is the concept of continuous development for business (Rudden 2007). In addition, the value chains is the process of company management in each activities as well as design, produce, market, deliver, and support a product line ( Harmon 2007, P.3). In these contexts, BPM approach are adequate to analyze the process of Tim’s work flow diagram of business and fix the problem in each hierarchical of the company. Finally, finding the way to address the problems with BPM opinions will bring a successful business.

2. Problem analysis
Following the BPM approach, the most urgent problem can be deduced as the insufficient function of the present information system. That is, the absence of Enterprise Information System hits directly to the decline of company’s performance. As mentioned in the overviews, it is connected with the lack of market strategy and computer based business process. Therefore, inviting Enterprise System must be the top priority. The source of all the inconveniences come from the many paper based manual method in the whole practical procedure through the sales, the production, the purchasing, the logistics, or the accounting section. The consequence of this process is apparently causing the delay for the customers to receive orders, which is the critical issue for the customer responsiveness. Obviously, capabilities gap and performance gap exist if new business process is designed. Currently, there are too much paper work like sales order form, sales form with details, shipping note, and invoice. These are taking up too much time and make things too complicated. As a result, some processes are duplicated, and the each manual procedure has been making the overall process delay. Comparing with it, a new designed business process makes the flow more effectively. So Enterprise System (ES) should be adopted to solve the problem with dragging information flow. Here is the attachment of As-Is diagram which explains the present streamline.

customer| Send payment
Send payment
Receive product & invoice
Receive product & invoice
Order product
Order product
Customer order production
Customer order production
sales| Make sale order
Make sale order
production| Check the stock
Check the stock
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