Business Plan- Hair Salon

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Hot Heads Salon1

Hot Heads Salon
1234 Beach Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(561) 123-1234
Business Plan

Kelly C. Kern
Michael Marzelli
Misty Smith

Dr. Lam Nguyen
February 1, 2012

Hot Heads Salon2
Table of Contents
Company Information
Environmental and Industry Analysis
Products and Services
Marketing Research
Marketing Plan
Operations Plan
Management Team
Risks and Assumptions
Community Benefits
Exit Strategy
Financial Plan
Executive Summary

Hot Heads Salon3
Hot Heads Salon
1234 Beach Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(561) 123-1234
Business Plan
Company Information
Hot Heads Salon is designed to serve the Boynton Beach area with the highest quality hair services for the most economically friendly prices. With the fashion industry continually changing, Hot Heads Salon will remain up to date with only the latest and greatest techniques. In an attempt to protect the environment, an organic philosophy has been instilled. The environment of the salon is stunning with the use of bright, warm colors leaving the clients to feel at ease when receiving services from our highly trained staff. Regular attendance of conferences and training programs are required by all employees, in ensure that they are, and will remain, at the top of their game. Hot Heads Salon provides a high level of energy with a youthful excitement while doing hair, and only hair.

Hot Heads Salon4
Environmental and Industry Analysis
Environmental analysis
The organic beauty industry is on the rise each year with sales increasing in huge percentages. With more and more people becoming health conscious organic salons have made their own niche in the beauty industry. J.P. Morgan research analyst, reports for the past three years the organic salons segment grew by 16.7% per year while the average salon industry increased by 2%. With the world becoming more aware of environmental issues the organic salon sector of the salon industry shows to have the fastest growth rate and will be a top trend in 2012 and beyond. People are more sensitive to a more eco-friendly environment along with an overall well being and personal health. The multi-billion dollar beauty industry is still growing even through a tough economy. The American people still want to look and feel good through beauty and will always have a need for haircuts. Beauty is always in high demand which also means the market is saturated with salons and products. Hair salons are very competitive so being an eco-friendly salon will prove to have its own unique niche. Consumers have been paying premium costs for decades on chemically and potentially harmful products, so now they can not only feel they are benefiting from healthy products, but also feel they are contributing to their environment. People feel socially responsible and are willing to contribute by paying a premium costs for products and services that they believe in.

Hot Heads Salon5
Industry analysis
The hair care industry is one of the most profitable and essential industries to operate in. Every man and woman needs to get their hair maintained and groomed, whether it is for jobs, for personal reasons, or trying something new. Since many individuals do not know what they are doing or how to do it when it comes to hair, hair stylists and barbers provide a key service and also keep customers up-to-date on popular hair style trends. The industry is compiled of millions of small businesses and local shops along with major companies such as Regis corp. or Supercuts. Smaller business are able to compete with these large companies because they often have a higher level of expertise, and they also have reputations that often have people from their hometown as well as people from other cities and counties willing to travel to them because they are known to do a very good job. Many men often get a haircut once a month to maintain their hair...
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