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Sample Test-Chapter 15
Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. An organization expands its private Internet to connect with customers, suppliers, and other partners. This expansion is called its A. intranet

B. extranet
C. private net
D. website
E. domain

2. Effective communication begins with
A. speaking.
B. listening.
C. the message.
D. two people.
E. breaking through noise.

3. When you want your reader to take a logical action, you should lay out your ideas in writing by A. most important to least important.
B. least controversial to most controversial.
C. negative to positive.
D. positive to negative.
E. least important to most important.

4. The study of the meaning of words is called
A. lexicography.
B. rhetoric.
C. semantics.
D. morphology.
E. cartology.

5. Denise and Florence are talking on their cell phones. After Denise reads her a phone number, Florence repeats the number back to Denise. This is an example of A. feedback.
B. encoding.
C. decoding.
D. medium selection.
E. noise.

6. A manager needs to communicate about a routine situation with someone she knows whose physical location is not far from her office. Generally, which of the following should the manager use? A. videoconferencing

B. telephone
C. e-mail
D. face-to-face meeting
E. newsletter

7. Jason tells Giorgio his cell phone number, and Giorgio nods. Jason then asks Giorgio to repeat back to him the phone number he just gave him. Jason is trying to avoid a(n) __________ barrier. A. encoding

B. decoding
C. medium
D. feedback
E. receiver

8. An announcement of the company-sponsored picnic travels from the employees' social committee to the other employees through email. This communication is __________ and _______. A. external; informal

B. horizontal; informal
C. vertical; informal
D. vertical; formal
E. external; formal

9. Which of the following is a personal barrier to communication? A. poor speaking skills
B. lack of trustworthiness
C. differing frames of reference
D. judging others' messages
E. All of the above are personal barriers to communication.

10. Generally, people comprehend about __________ of a typical verbal message. A. 10%
B. 35%
C. 50%
D. 75%
E. 90%

11. The drawbacks of using e-mail include which of the following? A. employees can communicate when they are not at company sites B. reduces use of paper
C. information overload
D. reduced costs of distributing information to employees
E. increased teamwork

12. The device that indicates how official communications should be routed is called the A. organization chart.
B. organizational culture.
C. organizational profile.
D. grapevine.
E. lateral hierarchy.

13. Top executives at XYZ Company want to let lower level managers know that XYZ is going to be acquired by ABC, Inc. How should they communicate this? (Assume that all of the choices are possible.) A. send a memo to all managers

B. send an e-mail to all managers
C. call a meeting of managers
D. post a notice on all bulletin boards
E. schedule a conference phone call

14. The introduction to a business speech should
A. always contain at least one joke.
B. consist of 20 - 30% of the total speaking time.
C. get right to the point.
D. contain significant details of the presentation.
E. always contain an unrelated story to catch the interest of the audience.
15. A female professor uses sports analogies in illustrating her lectures to a group of male students. She is said to be A. a feminist.
B. genderflexing.
C. copping out.
D. miscommunicating.
E. ingratiating.

16. XYZ Corporation communicates its revised mission statement to all employees. This is an example of A. external communication.
B. downward communication.
C. upward communication.
D. horizontal communication.
E. informal communication.

17. Of the following, which medium is the richest?
A. bulletin...
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