Midterm Exam

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 12 (2086 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Human Communication 100

Fall 2004 Midterm Exam

Multiple Choice: Choose only one answer and mark the corresponding letter on your scantron. Each question is worth 2 points.

1.Another word for decoding is __________.
A. interpretation
B. speaking
C. creating
D. noise

2.Imagine that you are listening to a speech about AIDS and HIV. One of the speaker’s main points describes ways to respond to the devastating news that you or someone in your family is HIV Negative. You are confused by this, because you know that HIV Negative means that someone isn’t infected with the virus that leads to AIDS. What is happening in this situation? A. The speaker obviously plagiarized the speech, because he/she doesn’t know the correct terms. B. The channel of the message is faulty, or else the correct term would be sent and received. C. The speaker’s encoding and the listener’s decoding are interfering with communication. D. External noise is keeping the message from being sent and received accurately.

3.The terms feedback and context are introduced in which of the communication models? A. communication as action
B. communication as interaction
C. communication as reaction
D. communication as transaction

4.Which of the following is an example of intrapersonal communication? A. talking to friend about biology class
B. telling your roommate about a personal problem
C. mentally rehearsing what you have to do that day

ordering a pizza over the phone

5.Which of the following is an attribute of interpersonal communication?

Interpersonal communication is linear.

Interpersonal communication is a monologue.

Interpersonal communication involves responding to people’s roles.

Interpersonal communication involves mutual influence.

6.According to Maslow’s framework on the process of becoming self-aware, a person whose communication skills are effective and are second nature is working at which level?

unconscious incompetence

conscious incompetence

conscious competence

unconscious competence

7.Danielle consistently describes herself as a confident, outgoing woman. Her description coincides with which of the following terms?




self-fulfilling prophecy

8.Jason spends hours every day working at the gym. He also takes great care in keeping his sports car well maintained and spotless. According to James’ theory of the self, Jason is taking care of his ____________________.

14 material self

15 social self

16 spiritual self

17 emotional self

9.José was raised in a Cuban-American community. Although he had many college friends from other co-cultures, he proudly maintained his Cuban roots by sprinkling his speech with Spanish phrases. In addition, he enjoyed sharing examples of cultural norms from his family and neighborhood in his communication class. These examples show which kind of influence on José’s self-concept? A. communication with others

B. association with groups

roles we assume

C. self-fulfilling prophecy

10.The stage of perception in which we put information into patterns is called _____________. A. attention
B. reframing
C. interpretation
D. organization

11.Which of the following statements is most accurate concerning stereotypes? A. All stereotypes are negative.
B. We stereotype people because of our nature to simplify and categorize. C. People who use stereotypes are usually doing so intentionally. D. It is fairly easy to rid ourselves of harmful stereotypes.

12.When asked to describe himself, Bernard talks about his sports car, career, and home. Bernard’s response demonstrates which of the following? A. other-oriented communication
B. ascription orientation
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