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Starbucks Is the Best Yet to Come
Yetta Woolridge
Instructor: Kyle Gunther
Class: BUS 402
May 20, 2012

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Starbucks was established in 1971 when an English teacher, history teacher and writer started Starbucks coffee, tea, and spice in Pikes place market in Seattle. Since then Starbucks has achieved an impressive rate of growth and plans to continue growing expecting a growth of about twenty percent annually for the next years but how will they accomplish one can best understand this by with the upcoming years to best understand a careful SWOT analysis must be made to best understand the strengths, weakness opportunities, and threats to be able to determine the best way to obtain success. SWOT analysis is a useful technique for understanding Starbucks strengths and weaknesses, and for identifying both the opportunities open to and the threats the company might face (Marcus 2011 Pg. 59). Starbucks has been establishing as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining uncompromising principles as they grow (Starbucks 2008). Starbucks strength is not only in great leader but has also has certain guidelines of which they contribute their major success these include providing great work environment for the employees.

Employees are a great part of the company as they are the representation of such. Over the years, Starbucks has transitioned customers into the coffee house culture. It offers its customers a third place to go after work and home. Customers not only can enjoy a good cup of coffee they can also enjoy time with friends and family or simply read a book with the convenience of the free internet. These are great advantages that Starbucks has over the competition. Starbucks was able to capitalize on the strengths not only with the feedback from employees but also that of the customers who they diligently work on satisfying. Starbucks has great employees and good customers service to...
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