Building Love, Respect, and Friendship in Your Home

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Building love, respect, and friendship in your home
There are many ways a person or person's can build a loving and respectful home. It takes time and patience, along with the willingness to agree to disagree. To start building a good relationship in your home, you have to start with yourself. Take the time to find out who you are and what you can do to make a relationship work. Think about how your words and actions can affect your family members. You may have an opinion on a subject, and your family member may disagree. Make a mental not to always agree to disagree.

Start with listening to your family members. We all have problems, concerns and questions we want to take about. Don't also talk about just yourself and your problems. Speak less and listen more. Your family members need someone to listen also. When you find yourself having a conversation, listen without interrupting. This will make the family member you are talking to fill better by not only talking about, but they will see that you really do care and want to help them. Do as the Greek philosopher Epictetus, "Nature gave us one tongue and two ears, so we could hear twice as much as we speak." When you are having a discussion or argument with a family member, remember that you may not always be right. Don't let your personal pride get in the way of you having a stable relationship with a family member. Sometimes admitting that you are wrong will make the family member you are having the confrontation with respect and admire your willingness. Admitting you are wrong is never any easy step. Be calm and one with yourself as you when you are having a confrontation. If you do find yourself in a confrontation or disagreement with a family member, don't hold it against them or hold a grudge. This is not healthy for you or the other person. It may take a lot of time, but find it within you to forgive. This will help you build a stronger bond and friendship with the persons within your family. If the...
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