Interpersonal Speech Paper

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Personal life, Talk radio Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Interpersonal Self-Reflection

It all depends on the situation and who all is involved when affinity comes into play in my life. I love all my family, friends, and co-workers, but when it comes to a certain person of those groups, I tend to show more appreciation to that person more than another person. Certain times, stories, and dramas all bring out a different side of me and depending who else is involved. My dad is a truck driver and only comes home about once or twice a month. We never have really had a relationship. Sure, we talk and do family things together, but we never do anything just me and him. It does not bother me per say, but sometimes I do wish we did. He is the money maker for sure in the family and I know he breaks his back in order for us to live the way we do and for that, without a doubt I appreciate everything he does for me and my family.

Respect is one of the biggest things that I know of that slips my mind sometimes when a loved one is talking to me. It is a really high need for me to start learning more about respecting them instead of taking them for granted. I have already made a huge impression on my family in just the past five years I have lived in Texas. They know that I am completely focused on school and earning a degree, that I will always make time for anyone of the family, and they also know that I am trying to set an example on my little cousins who are my life. My family has many different personalities in it and I try to take something from each and every single one of them to act like them as well because, they are so established. Well, they don’t like it and they always tell me to keep doing what I do best and that is staying on track of my school and setting an example for my cousins.

We have to be on the same terms with our interests and beliefs when immediacy comes into our relationship. There can not be just some things in common, majority of everything that I take interest in and believe in have...
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