British American Tobacco

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Any organization regardless of the fact of its size, age needs to run smoothly and achieve the goals and objectives which it has set forth. And thus the organization needs to manage Human Resource Management effectively and efficiently. For it develops and implements its own Human Resource Management concepts. British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the oldest and largest multinational companies operating in Bangladesh. At British American Tobacco Bangladesh, the key factor to their sustainable growth is human resource. BAT Bangladesh is a leading business organization in the industrial sector employing more than 1,300 employees directly and a further 40,000 indirectly as farmers, distributors and suppliers. It has always been committed to good employment practices and has set out the framework of its Employment Principles on workplace practices, employee relations and employee human rights.BATB employs more than 852 people directly and about 40,000 people indirectly as farmers, distributers and local suppliers. BATB is one of the most preferred employers in the country. It is their pool of talented people who give this place the wonderful and pleasant working environment that takes the company forward every day. It is a team of different people, different cultures and backgrounds, coming together to form something new, something remarkable everyday. In this report, we have tried our best to exemplify how the basic functions of HRM are exercised in British American Tobacco Bangladesh. We have analyzed BATB’s several functions: planning, recruiting and selection, training and development, performance appraisal and employee. We also discussed the BATB’s goals, mission and vision. BATB wants to attract, develop and retain high caliber talent. It also wants an organization that is constantly learning. This learning culture shares knowledge quickly, learns from its mistakes and replicates success formulas quickly. BATB’s Employment Principles set out BATB’s commitment to good employment practices and workplace related human rights. BATB invests time in these forums because it is committed to developing employees’ career and because in business, individual performance matters. BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO

History :

The British American Tobacco Company (BAT or BATCO) is the second largest listed tobacco company in the world, with a market capitalization of over £30 billion (U.S. $44 billion). It is based in London in the United Kingdom. It began operating in 1902 as a joint venture of the Imperial Tobacco Company and James Duke's American Tobacco Company, and grew to be the major cigarette company in many countries - but not in the USA or in the UK, where each of the partner organizations had agreed not to compete with the other.

During the trust-busting era of President Theodore Roosevelt, the American Tobacco Company was forced to divest its interest, and in the years that followed. Imperial Tobacco also reduced its shareholdings. Eventually BAT became a relatively independent organization that out-grew its parent.

BAT Industries :

The international remnants of the original company were reorganized into a holding company called BAT Industries in 1976, and it acquired what was left of the American Tobacco Co. after the anti-trust split-up. BAT later acquired Brown & Williamson (B&W) which, at that time, was the largest cigarette company in the USA. BAT's US subsidiary retained a degree of independence from the UK, although clearly it must report to the London office -- and occasionally they exerted their own pressure.

BAT is based in London and has subsidiaries in the UK, Europe, Asia and the old British colonies. In 1999 it acquired the South African-based company of Rothmans International after a long battle with Philip Morris for control. The company has also diversified into many other industries - owning, for instance, a major life insurance company, food and beverage...
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