Brand Audit of Telenor Pakistan

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Brand Audit and Planning

Group Members:

Syed M. Humair&Fahad Habib
EMBA-2009-F-13 EMBA-2009-F-54

Brand Management
Submitted to: Zeenat Jabbar
Table of Contents
2.Brand Architecture4
3.Brand Elements5
3.1.Telenor Logo5
3.2.Telenor Tagline5
3.3.Telenor and its association with sub-brands5
4.Brand Resonance7
4.1.Defining Brand Resonance7
4.2.Telenor’s Brand Resonance7
4.2.1.Quantifying Telenor’s Brand Resonance7
4.2.2.Telenor’s Marketing Activities8 Launch – Teaser8 Launch Campaign9 from “Expect more” to “The Smart Call”9 Association with the Customers10 with the Customers10 a Nationalist Brand11 “The Smart Call” to “Karo Mumkin”11 hand of the handicapped12
4.2.3.Identifying Impediments to Telenor Brand Resonance12 5.Brand Growth Assessment12
5.1.Telenor Brand Hierarchy13
5.2.Brand Expansion into new markets13
5.2.1.Financial Services13
5.2.2.Telenor Internet14
5.2.3.Organizational Culture – A competitive advantage14
5.2.4.Telenor’s Growth Strategy14

1. Introduction
The objective of this project is to choose a brand, preferably a Pakistani brand and to do the brand audit as per the guidelines. What we have covered in this documentation is to evaluate Telenor Pakistan as a corporate brand and to answer some fundamental questions that need to be addressed during a brand audit with the goal being to assess the sources of brand equity and to suggest ways to improve and leverage that brand equity. The questions that are answered in detail are as under: 1. Brand Planning

2. Brand Building Assessment
3. Brand Growth Assessment

Telenor Pakistan is the fastest growing mobile operator in Pakistan and represents the largest Foreign Direct Investment in the country from Europe, in any industry, ever. The company is the first Greenfield mobile operation outside of Norway by Telenor ASA, the parent group, with an investment more that USD 3 billion. Other ventures owned by Telenor ASA are in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

Telenor is a GSM cellular provider that offers a host of voice and data products and services along with high-speed GPRS connectivity and offering a comprehensive range of value added services. Within this, Telenor provides prepaid and postpaid packages to subscribers across the country. Talkshawk, as its prepaid brand for the mass market has become one of the most popular prepaid connection in the country. On the other hand, Djuice, which is Telenor’s another prepaid brand, targeting a niche market created for the youth, which offers low voice and SMS rates. Catering the wide needs of the corporate sector, Telenor has a premium postpaid brand, Persona. To diversify its product Telenor has recently put foot into financial services with the collaboration of Tameer Bank with the brand name, Easypaisa.

2. Brand Architecture

Brand Level| Brands| Brand Vs Product/Positioning| Endorser Brand| The Telenor Group| Telenor Group| To be used when Telenor ASA(holding) is the sender| Will never be endorsed| Country brands level 1| Telenor Pakistan| Both company name and consumer brand | Telenor Group | Country brands level 2 | Djuice Talkshawk PersonaInternet.more | A brand on its own terms just like level 1, but with a different name and positioning | Telenor Pakistan | Product brand | Anywhere | Relies heavily on its mother brand and can never appear without endorsement – never without a sender | Has to be endorsed by the relevant country brand | Other...
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