Rose Only

Topics: Marketing, Flower, Competitor analysis Pages: 40 (13395 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Rose Only

Firm Vision Statement4
Roses Only Vision statement4
Reformulated Vision Statement4
Mission statement4
Roses Only Mission Statement5
Reformulated Mission Statement5
Internal Environmental Analysis5
SWOT Analysis5
External Analysis10
Industry Attractiveness: Porter's Five Forces Model10
Macro-Environmental Trend Analysis12
Competitor Analysis15
The Marketplace17
Market Segments:17
Target market segmentation variables21
Target Market Segmentation21
Segment Profile22
Buyer Criteria/Hierarchy Analysis22
Marketplace evaluation24
Factors Underlying Market Attractiveness & Competitive Position24
Industry Attractiveness25
Positioning Options26
Strategy and Competitive advantage28
Roses Only Competitive advantage28
Roses Only Strategy Options31
4 P's (Product, Price, Promotion, Place)36
Gantt Chart40
Measuring, monitoring and adapting41


The following report has been prepared in order to understand the marketing, planning and strategy the company Roses Only has developed over the years as well as suggestions on how to improve itself. In addition, we have also worked with CEO of Roses Only Steven James to get an insight on their current marketing strategy and planning. Based on the consultation with Roses Only, we have recommended tactics and strategies which over a certain period could have the ability to achieve long-term profitable growth. Roses Only is a florist based in Sydney and Melbourne that delivers a variety of different flower arrangements to its customers to suit any occasion. Established in 1995, Roses Only is part of the Roses Only group, a family run business, with almost 45 years’ worth of retail and floristry experience. It has now grown to become one of the most prominent and well-known names in the florist industry. Holding around 10% of the flower market and with 75% of its sales made through its websites, Roses Only holds itself as strong competitor. As Roses Only carries out most of its business via its online retailing, this report will solely revolve around the company as an online retailer. Products range from the following:

* boxed long stemmed roses
* gerberas
* lilies tulips and
* variety of mixed seasonal flowers
* in addition to superb floral arrangements and bouquets, accompanied by fine French champagne, premium red and white wines, teddy bears and chocolates At Roses Only, marketing plays an important role in building up its brand. The company prides itself on providing quality flowers to its customers by sending an image of prestige which is transferred through its marketing of the products. This is where the company strategically pairs itself with upmarket complementary products such as Moet and Chandon and Lindt Chocolates (Camille H 2006) in its giftware arrangements. Due to the success of the company, it has extending its product line which offers giftware hampers (Hampers Only) and good quality fruit arrangements (Fruit Only). All elements in the supply chain are aligned with the company’s image which is transferred to customers. It is not the company’s goal to compete in the market simply just to sell flowers but rather separates itself by offering the finest quality flowers that can be packed simply in a box, and delivered. The packaging alone has become synonymous with the brand. The shape of the packaging is designed to also make it easy to store the flowers during shipping without causing damage to them (Camille H, 2006). The boxes are neatly stacked for easy transportation. Nevertheless, the company adopts software that helps estimate the earliest possible delivery time for its perishable good. Hence, developing managed logistics to ensure customer satisfaction. What’s important to remember is that despite the business’ growth in...
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