Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria Del Carmine in Florence.

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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How can you make the most of your library?

• The library is the brain of your college that’s has information you may need to complete assignments and do research.

• First start by learning how your library is organized.

• There are different areas in the library that can be helpful to you such as: Circulation Desk which you can check out different publications you may need, Reference area which you can find reference books, librarians and other library employees who can direct you to information, Book area, periodicals Area, Audiovisual Material, computer areas, and microform areas.

Learn how to conduct an information search

• You are more successful and time saving when you have a general step-by-step method that takes you from general to specific sources. 2

• It’s important to narrow topic because broad topics yield too much data.

Conduct Research Using a search Strategy

• Knowing where to look during each phase of your search helps you find information quickly and efficiently.

• Use General Reference Works

Search specialized reference works

• Specialized reference works include encyclopedias and dictionaries that focus on a narrow field. The entries in these volumes are short, but focus on critical ideas and on the keywords you to conduct additional research.

Browse through Books on your subject

• You may want to use computerized library catalog to find books and other materials on your topic. The catalog, searchable by author, title, and subject, tells you which publications the library owns.

• Each catalog listing refers to the library’s classification system, which in turn tells you exactly where the publication can be found.

Use Periodical Indexes to Search for Periodicals

• Periodicals, a valuable source of current information, include journals, magazines, and newspapers.

• Many full-text articles are also available on computer database and via...
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