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This briefing describes collocation of bibliographic records and how it helps to formulate effective search strategies resulting in good information retrieval. Collocation is the cataloging process of bringing together related items, such as titles written by the same author, editions, and versions of the same title, or materials on the same topic. This briefing also provides examples of the value of collocation in maintaining a successful library catalog such as compiling all information on Princess Diana in one record would be an example of collocation. Use of collocation in bibliographic records can provide vast improvement in information retrieval.


Cataloging is a register of all bibliographic items found in the library. Items can be any kind of entity that is a library based material (book, magazine, audiobook, etc.). Bibliographic control, cataloging teaches us, encompasses all the activities involved in creating, organizing, managing, and maintaining the file of an entity record. To maintain consistency in multiple matching entities, catalogers use the process of collocation to bring them together. The better the catalog, the higher the credibility a library has with its users. Users’ are more content with fast, accurate and effective retrieval of information. All collections, either physical or virtual, are formed through collocation, the process of bringing together related information (Taylor 1999). It is a useful term because it emphasizes the purpose of collection building and can be applied to the different means used to bring together materials. Collocation is often associated with physical location, such as when materials written by the same author are placed together on shelves in library. A library catalogue also provides collocation by bringing together like materials through a system of records and references. In the electronic age, collocation is associated with virtually grouping materials together, ”there is...
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