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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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OLS and eCampus Scavenger Hunt
Question 1
What tab or link do you click on the student website to access course materials? Click the Classroom tab, and then click the Materials link. Question 2
What tab do you click to get to the University of Phoenix Library? Library
Question 3
What document do you use to find out what assignments are due in your class? Syllabus
Question 4
Click the Library tab, and then click the University Library link. Scroll down to view the Library Resources. What are the three major databases listed in General Resources? ABI/Inform, Emerald, PsycARTICLES

Question 5
What tab would you click to access the Center for Writing Excellence? Classroom
Question 6
What tab would you click to access your account information, such as your profile, password, and address? Account
Question 7
Click the Library tab, and then click the Center for Writing Excellence link. Which of the following is an automated review service providing feedback on basic grammar and usage? Hint: Scroll down to see the types of review services. WritePointsm

Question 8
How do you access the Main class forum in OLS?
Click the Discussion link.
Question 9
What OLS forum is a private place for you to communicate with your facilitator? Individual
Question 10
What icon shows next to messages posted by your facilitator? Graduation cap
Question 11
What icon shows next to the messages posted by you?
Question 12
What is the phone number to contact Student Technical Support? Hint: Scroll down to Contact Us at the bottom of the student website. Click Report a Problem, and then click Email Technical Support. 1-877-832-4867
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