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Methods of Research
Task 4

Types of research: quantitative; qualitative; primary; secondary. Primary sources: questionnaires; structured and unstructured interviews; scientific experiment; formal and informal observation; measurements. Secondary sources: information literacy, e.g. website, journals, media, books, e-resources; literature review, e.g. extract information, interpret, analyse, synthesis; data, e.g. graphs, tables, statistics.

P3 Compare different research methodologies for health and social care Quantitative research: this involves numbers and measuring quantities or amounts (quantitative describes information that is directly measurable; quantitative data usually involves numbers values and units of measurement such as weight in kg. this type of research may involve finding out the frequency for example e.g. minutes of exercise per day or number of falls per year. It could be information that involves more complex equipment and processes; it may be how many individuals there are in a particular category such as those who exercise regularly or those who don’t exercise at all. This type of research requires the use of specific measurement instruments. This could be recorded by charts which could show results more effectively especially if they are being recorded over time. (Questionnaires are often used for this purpose) Qualitative research: this type of research involves gathering data which cannot be easily quantified and is recorded using language. The data from this tends to be collected using unstructured interviews, narrative observations or recording of conversation. This helps record how a person is feeling catching the individuals feelings or emotions. This is how health care professionals gather both qualitative and quantitative data by making judgements about individual’s health and treatment needed. A person, who is conscious and has been admitted to hospital, will be interviewed by the doctor, who will take notes about the...
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