Book Borrowing

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Background of the Study

Libraries are facilities which aid students and teachers in their studies, research, and related matters. These facilities also host books which piques peoples interests, both fiction and non-fiction. The library is an abundant source of knowledge thus making this a valuable place for people.

Students who are on-the-go don’t have time to stay and read in the library, that is why they borrow the books, and transport them out of the facility. Sometimes it is quite a hassle for the library staff in the manual system, the librarians manually input the records in forms for statistical records of borrowed books, and also keeping the book cards.

The proposed system spans out towards the library’s book borrowing system. It aims to change the interface of the library’s present manual book borrowing system with a more automated system which is web-based so that students will be able to browse books online, and they will be able to know what books are available in the library using the online library catalogue. Students cannot borrow books online, but they can reserve the books they want to borrow, through the use of the websites functions.

The system aims to help the library staff with the problems their facing in the current system such as, late return of books, damaged books, and unreturned books. It also helps to hasten the process of borrowing books and making work a lot easier for the library staff.

In this system, the librarian can manipulate specific information on the database, such as data of books, the records of borrowers, as well as the status of borrowed books.

It allows students who are holders of a borrower’s card to be able to reserve books and to know if these books are available to be borrowed or not, therefore they can see if there are pending reservations on their selected book. For students who don’t have a borrower’s card they will be unable to access the reservation service, but they can browse books in the website.


The system aims to fulfil the following objectives:

* To be able to create a modern Library Information system.

* To be able to make work easier for the librarian.

* To be able to create a web-based book reservation system.

* To endorse the utilization of the library.

Statement of the problem


1.How would the students know the available books in the library using the web-based LIS?

2.Is the proposed system more efficient than the manual system? Why?

3.How can the students have access to the online reservation service?

4.How can students reserve books from a web-based system?

1. By online browsing, with the help of the Online Library Catalogue.

2. Yes. Because it is easier for the students to reserve books online, and the
System can also help the librarian to lessen too much work in the library, in regards to data managing and record keeping, the databases keep a handy backup of the records of transactions within the website and or the library.

3. The students have to use their library card number as their identification for them to be able to use the reservation function. Without it they will only be able to browse the available books.

4. With the help of our website they can reserve books online through navigating around the website and activating its reservation function in one of the website’s menus.

Significance of the Study:


The system will benefit the borrowers by helping them to be able to easily locate the books which they are looking for.


It will benefit the librarian by helping them to lessen work done in recording and managing records.

Scopes and Limitations:


* The system can help students and library facilitators in reserving via web. * The system allows the students to freely browse the...
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