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Problem Definition

The Glenmuir High School system has played an integral role in the Glenmuir School System. However this expansive library unit has is facing significant challenges as it relates to the borrowing of books by students and the recording of these transactions. The current system in place at the library is a manual recording mechanism. The librarian Miss. Bisasa keeps the records of each student in a recording folder according to their respective classes. Students borrow and return books at break and lunch intervals and sometimes after school. There are many problems associated with this current library system. Students can steal the recording book from the front desk whenever the librarian takes a break. Students can give the wrong information as it pertains to the class they are in because ID’s are not presented when books are borrowed. Books that are borrowed can be easily stolen by students because of the inefficient recording system at the library. Reference books are usually stolen by 6th formers because information is not recorded when they borrow books. These most evident problems that are associated with the library arise because of the inefficient recording system in place and the lack of information technology in the recording process.


Analysis of problem

The Library system at the Glenmuir High School has served the entire school population on a whole. However this very important infrastructure at the school has an expansive range of problems associated with it.

The current system in place at the library involves the use of manual information system to carry out the recording process at the library. 24.7% of the school population are members of the library. The process of borrowing books involves the librarian collecting information such as name, form, and books borrowed. If the student is becoming a member the librarian updates the folder. The student then proceeds to the section where books are kept and choose the book that they want to borrow. If the student is a member they take the book that they borrowed and tell the librarian their name and librarian manually searches for the name in a particular form folder. When student return with the books they chose to borrow librarian updates the information in the folder. Students are not given any stipulated time period to return these books. Librarian does not include a record for the condition in which the book was lent in. 15.6% of student return with damaged books.

The area In which books are kept are usually occupied by a number of students with out supervision. Students can steal books form this area. Because ID cards are not presented by each student, each member can give incorrect information about their class as a means of stealing the books. Students are not supervised when they return books to the library this can lead to students stealing books at the library.

The recording book is another issue pertaining to the library. The recording books are kept at the front desk students can steal these folders as a means of erasing data about them. The librarian does not keep the records of each student in a safe and confidential place.

Reference books are another issue because librarian relies on memory when lending out reference books to mainly the 6th and 5th formers. The librarian indicates that there are at least 5 reports of missing reference books these are usually expensive and hard to replace.

The numerous problems that are associated with the library system exist because of the lack of technological improvements and the use of computer software and information technology tools in the recording process. 73.4% of members say that the library system is inefficient and 37.9% recommend the use of Microsoft access to alleviate the problem.

Identification of Solution

The system in place at the library...
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