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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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THESIS TITLE : Computerized Library System with Barcode Technology for St. Mary of the Woods School| DATE OF DEFENSEDATE:| SCHOOL CAMPUS: STI College Global City| NAME OF I.T ADVISER: Mr. Edimar N. Manulat| SGNATURE:|

NAME OF G.E ADVISER: Ms. Adriene Victoria M. Zaballero| SIGNATURE:|

Each member of the group indicates the chapter(s) he/she has written in the documentation, module(s), he/she had developed in the software and the topic(s)/sub topic(s) that he/she will be discussing during the thesis defense. The items given by a group member is to be used by the panelist as a guide and reference for the evaluation of the individual participation and contribution of the student in their thesis project. NAME: Andal, Jennifer M.| SIGNATURE:|

Chapter(s) / sub topic(s) written in the documentation: * Chapter I (Review of Related Studies and Literature – Local Studies * Chapter II (Scope and Limitation,Problem Statement) * Chapter III (Calendar of Activities, Gantt Chart) * ChapterIV(Transcript of Interview)| Module(s) developed in the software * Student Module * Book Information Inquiry * General Material Inquiry * Viewing of Account * Log-in/Log-out * File Maintenance * Section Maintenance * Transactions Module * Borrowing * Cataloguing * Acceptance of lost and damage Books * Reports * Log-in/Log-out * Student Sections * List of Subjects * Accessioned Record * Acquired Books By Date * Audit Trail Overdue Books * Book Condition * Book Replacement Record * Frequently Borrowed Books * List of Book by Author * List of Book by Subjects * List of Books by Publication * List of Books by Copyright * List of Books by Category * List of Books by Classification * Phase Out Books * System Utilities * Audit Trail * Back-up and Restore| Topic(s) to be discussed during defense: * Non-IT and IT Concept * Background of the Company, Overview of the Current State of Technology|...
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