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Significance of the Study
* Students
Students will save time in searching of books. Students will easily have information about the availability of books in the library. * School
The school will benefit from this because the school’s manual library system will be introduced to a computerized library system. Searching, borrowing and returning of books will be easier because computerized library system provides more reliable information compared to the manual system. * Future Researchers

Future researchers can use the thesis book as a reference for future thesis projects. * Programmer
Programmers’ skills, talents and abilities in programming will be developed. Computer knowledge of programmers will be enhanced because new knowledge will be learned.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
The Computerized Library System will cover the following:
* Transactions

In borrowing transaction, the system will check for the availability of the book. After that, all the information about the book and the borrower will be displayed together with the due date.

In returning transaction, the system will check the due date of the book. A penalty will then be computed for overdue books.

In reservation of books, the system will display the information about the due dates of borrowed books.

* Types of User:
* Student
* Employee
* Researcher

* File Maintenance
The system will let the users add, edit and delete information about the students, employee, researcher, book acquisition, category, holiday and library policy.

* Inquiry

Available books
This will let you search for the available books.

List of Books
This contains all the books inside the library.

Borrowed Books
This contains the list of books that were borrowed.

Damaged and Lost Books
This contains the list of damaged and lost books.

* Reports

It includes the reports about:
* Book...
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