Bond-a-Matic 2000

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  • Published : April 25, 2007
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This is to recommend the initiation of a marketing plan for the Bond-A-Matic 2000 (BAM) beginning in 1979. The total cost of the plan is estimated to be $81,000 (see exhibit 1) which is in addition to the projected Super Bond marketing plan for FY79. The target audiences for the plan are small to midsized companies that are non users and companies that are CA users that will benefit from using the BAM. The objectives of the plan will be to increase brand awareness, educate non-current users of the advantages of CA adhesives (Super Bond) as well as the advantages of dispensing equipment, and to increase awareness of the BAM among current users. The plan will utilize direct mail that will be reinforced by future Super Bonder advertising. The BAM should not be considered as a stand alone product but as a complementary product to Super Bond adhesives. The focus of the plan is to use the BAM as a method of introducing new users to instant adhesives and to react to the expressed interest of current CA users in improved dispensing techniques. Brand loyalty will be strengthened once the end user begins to use the BAM in conjunction with Super Bond adhesives. Also, it is recommended to continue the use of the Loctite logo on the BAM to strengthen brand identity. In order to avoid competition with the Systems Division's line of applicators, the plan will focus on small to midsized companies within SICs 20 through 39 that use less than five (5) pounds of adhesive per year. The assumption is that a company using five (5) pounds or more of adhesive per year are already using or have been introduced to the Systems Division's applicators. The top 4 industries providing the highest percentages of potential users are selected to receive a mailing (see exhibit 2). This will result in mailing over 14,000 packets and, assuming a 10% sale conversion rate, will result in over 1400 sales. The direct mail packet will focus on the advantages of the BAM and the Gluematic dispenser tip...
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