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02 Corporate snapshot 03 Track record 04 An insight into our business 05 Our strategy 06 Our global presence 07 Highlights 2011-12

Financial statements and notes
Standalone financial statements 92 Auditors’ report 93 Annexure to auditors’ report 96 Balance sheet 97 Statement of profit and loss 98 Cash flow statement 100 Notes forming part of the financial statements 127 Balance sheet abstract and Company’s general business profile 128 Statement of area, crop and yield Consolidated financial statements 129 Auditors’ report 130 Consolidated balance sheet 131 Consolidated statement of profit and loss 132 Consolidated cash flow statement 134 Notes forming part of the consolidated financial statements 166 Subsidiary companies’ financial highlights 167 Ten-year summary


Consolidated performance review
18 Performance review 21 Our competitive advantage 22 Our ‘good-for-you’ beverage portfolio 28 Expanding our portfolio 29 Sustainability 32 People


Management and governance
33 Board of Directors 37 Executive management 41 Corporate information 42 Notice 45 Explanatory statement 51 Particulars of Directors seeking appointment/reappointment 53 Directors’ report 62 Annexure to the Directors’ report 67 Management discussion and analysis report 74 Report on corporate governance for 2011/12 91 Auditors’ certificate

About the Tata Global Beverages Group
In view of (i) the changed business activities of the Tata Global Beverages Group globally (i.e. the shift from tea plantation activities to branded beverages), (ii) the various global acquisitions made by Tata Global Beverages Limited in the recent years, and (iii) the present business focus on growing the branded business across the globe, Tata Global Beverages Limited has also decided to introduce a section in the Annual report on the entire Tata Global Beverages Group for the information of its shareholders, in order to provide the shareholders with an overview of the performance of the Group. The Group business review is (i) not intended for the purposes of providing information towards compliance with any legal requirements, (ii) being introduced only for shareholder information, as Tata Global Beverages Limited has direct and indirect interests in the various entities across the globe which constitute part of the Tata Global Beverages Group, and (iii) not intended to be a summary or replacement of the consolidated financial statements or any other information or documents. Details being provided in the consolidated performance review relating to the Tata Global Beverages Group business review are general in nature. Each corporate entity forming part of the Tata Global Beverages Group owns its respective brand and has consented to featuring of its logo, trademark and information in this Annual report.

Tata Global Beverages strengthened its business to service consumers the world over. The company reinforced its multi-genre, multi-brand, multi-country and multi-alliance strategy to delight consumers the world over.


Corporate snapshot
Tata Global Beverages is an integrated beverage business that has set out to become a global leader in branded, goodfor-you beverages through innovation, strategic acquisition and organic growth. With a fantastic portfolio of brands and products that we are intensely passionate about, we delight millions of consumers across the world with great tasting beverages every single day. Everything we do is underpinned by the Tata Group’s philosophy of ‘Leadership with Trust.’ Our ambition is to expand our global footprint by entering new markets and new channels with beverages that taste good, are good-for-you, good for others and good for the planet.

Our business

Our Good-For-You Brands


Track record






2011/12 in retrospect
Growth Group income grew 10% to Rs 6,631 crore from Rs 6,003 crore in...
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