Assignment on Annual Report

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Mercantile Bank Limited
Annual Report
for the year ended
31st December, 2009

Topics are to be discussed here (Context)

01. Letter to Transmittal
02. Notice of 11th Annual General Meeting
03. Mission, Vision & Objectives
04. MBL Timeline
05. Credit Rating
06. Sponsors of the Bank
07. Board of Directors
08. Corporate Structure
09. Management Team
10. Head Office & Branch Network
11. Where We Locate
12. Financial Summary
13. Economic Impact Report
14. Message from the Chairman
15. From the Desk of Managing Directors and CEO
16. Directors’ Report
17. Managing Directors and CEO’s Report on Risk Management 18. Report on Corporate Governance
19. Compliance Report on SEC Notification
20. Report of Audit Committee
21. Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
22. Report on Customer Service
23. Report on Human Capital
24. Recognition
25. Signing of Financial Statements
26. Auditors’ Report
27. Financial Statements
28. Notes to the Financial Statements
29. Annexure A-G
30. Highlights of Mercantile Bank Limited

1. Letter to Transmittal:
Here the Executive Vice President and Company Secretary wrote a letter to all shareholders informing the important items of the Annual Report. Such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement of the year.

2. Notice of 11th Annual General Meeting:
In the notice the date, year, day, time and place of the AGM clearly (in bold letter) described. Important Agenda also represented in the notice. There are 5 Agenda are mentioned. In addition 6 footer Notes also published here. Important notes are record date of the share (March 07, 2010), amount of dividend (22%) etc. Executive Vice President and Company Secretary give his signature with date.

3. Vision, Mission & Objectives:
The Vision of the back is make finest corporate institution. Mission is making the make profitable by caring, equitable growth by required and proper distribution of recourses. Strategic Objectives: to positive Economic Value Added, market leader in product innovation, achieve cost efficiency, be in the top five financial institution in Bangladesh. Financial Objectives: to achieve stable (≥20%) return on shareholders’ equity. Moreover Core value for Customers, Shareholders, Employees and Community

4. MBL Timeline:
Here the development of Mercantile Bank Limited stated. It started incorporation in business and commercialization in 1999. Circulated Primary Share (IPO) in 2003. Got listed in both Bangladesh Stock Exchanges (Dhaka & Chittagong) in 2004 and end of year 2009 it has 50 braches all over the country.

5. Credit Rating:
As per Credit Rating and information Services Limited (CRISL), Mercantile Bank Limited rated as “A” (Pronounced as Single A) in the long term and ST-2 rating in the short term on the basis of Financial Statements as on December 31, 2008. High certainty of timely payments, strong liquidity factors, good company fundamentals, easy excess to capital market and minimal risk factors are the key issues of the rating.

6. Sponsors of the Bank:
Here the 27 sponsors’ names with photos are representing clearly.

7. Board of Directors:
22 Directors’ name and photo with their designation stated here. There are 1 Chairman, 2 Vice Chairmen and 18 Directors and 1 Managing Director and CEO in the Bank managing committee.

8. Corporate Structure:
In Corporate Structure there are 8 different government body represented. Including Board of Directors (22 persons), Executive Committee (18 persons), Audit Committee (3 persons), Managing Director & CEO (1 person), Chief Financial Officer (1 person), Company Secretary (1 person), Auditors (2 persons) and Tax Advisor (1 person).

9. Management Team:
Here the detail list of different managing committee separately represented with their designation. There...
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