Bla Blah for My Nstp

Topics: Activity, The Last Meeting, Meeting Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Raymark V. Rivera
“Growth That NSTP Has Done To Me”

I’m so excited about the first day of meeting in our NSTP 2 and expecting that NSTP 2 is much better than our last NSTP. In our first day same also our first activity is to introduce myself to the class and give experiences on the past NSTP. That time I didn’t recognized anyone, my only companion are some of my block mates and some of my ex-block mates, and on this same day our professor, Ma’am Izel set us into 5 groups and our group name was “Eye to Eye”, we named our group eye to eye because most of us wear glasses. The next meeting we have activities, the first activity is we performed a cheer by groups and that time our leader assign me to think or to make a cheer and the cheer I made is so corny but we did it our best to come up in a positive way. The second activity is to build a tower and the materials needed is only a pack of straw, Ma’am Izel said that this activity is about to build more closeness and to get to know each other on our group mates, all of us help one another, giving ideas and thoughts in order to build a strong tower, very tall tower, transformer tower and stability tower, I guess the name of the tower we made is “E-boy tower” because he is like a people or robot. I learn much in this activity we grow more closeness to our group mates, I agree Ma’am Izel. The next activity is the ocular inspection, this ocular inspection helps us to know where we do our task, lead us to accomplishing well our next activity. The next activity is our tree planting, in this activity I guess I performed the most because I dig the rocky and very hard soil with a weakling broken shovel, pulverizing again the rocky and very hard soil, and then got some water and water the soil to become wet and water also the vegetable we plant, after that immersion I felt exhausted and slight dizzy. I learn from that activity was sometime I can become environmental concern and that activity will not only focus on helping...
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