A Reflective Diary on the First Session

Topics: Reflection, Training Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: January 30, 2011

1. Main points of the session

The first session was an introductory session of the course. It highlighted some very important aspects which will hopefully help to create a healthy, beneficial and positive learning environment during the course period. The session was very systematically divided in different parts with specific time allotted to each part. * It began with an Ice breaker which made the trainees a bit relaxed. * This was then followed by registrations. The tutor made sure that the registration were completed in good time. * The trainees were then handed a sheet wherein they were they were supposed to reflect on their hopes, fear, expectations and goals with regards to the course. The trainees were divided in groups and made to discuss with their peers about the same. The tutor then very effectively used a flip chart to write down different points with which the groups came up with in those reflective areas. Finally the tutor collected the sheets from the trainees for her records. This approach would prove useful to both tutor as well as trainees. For the tutor, it would help her to know her students with regards to their levels, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses to a certain extent and for the trainees, it would give them an opportunity to analyse their self- objectives before the course and the outcomes related to those objectives by the end of the course. * This was then followed by the setting of the Ground rules. The trainees were given a group activity wherein every group was supposed to come up with at least three ground rules. Each group came up with lots of ideas. The tutor then made the trainees reflect on why the ground rules were important through questions and answer method. Then one trainee from each group was supposed to come up and reveal the rules stating the reasons for choosing them. The concept of setting...
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