How to Establish Rules with Learners to Promote Respect for Others

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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|City & gilds 6302 LEVEL 4 – pttls - UNIT 009 | |Explain how to establish rules with learners to promote respect for others | | | | | |Terese Fellender | |29/02/2012 |

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Explain how to establish ground rules with learners to promote respect for others. Within a learning environment it is necessary to determine class and group rules early on, as setting ground rules provides the framework to promote respect and lay the basis for what will be expected during the course, “setting ground rules will help everyone know their limits” Gravells. A, (2008 pg 7) This also allows everyone within the class to maintain a responsible attitude and a suitable level of behaviour and enable both the learners and teacher to produce a good standard of work with less distraction, “without ground rules, disruption may occur and affect the learning of your group” Gravels. A, (2008 pg 7) There are three main ways of setting ground rules, which are: • The Teacher setting their own

• The Learners setting their own
• The Teachers and Learners setting them together
There are advantages and disadvantages of rules created upon either the teacher or learner setting their own...