Benefits of Breakfast

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Sugar Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: November 7, 2012
 The Many Health Benefits of Breakfast|
Eating breakfast should be an important event in your life every morning. But make sure you choose the food that is of a healthy nature. There are many health benefits for eating breakfast every morning. It is even more beneficial for children of all ages.Here is what we know about this claim. Your mother, most likely believed breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. It has been proven that a healthy breakfast is linked to many health benefits. Studies have shown that breakfast provides these valuable health benefits:* A diet that is high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals*Improved concentration and performance in school and even at work.* More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity* Lower cholesterol levelsKnowing all of this I was greatly disturbed about a recent article I read in a health newsletter I subscribe to. It was about a ridiculous cereal claim that had nothing to do with a healthy breakfast meal. Kellogg's announced that their cereal "Cocoa Krispies" now helps support your child's immunity."Why is this claim so ridiculous and very disturbing to me? Because no matter how you look at it, this product falls into the class of "sugary foods" and "sugary foods" are not good for children or adults. Not only that, there is no way that any cereal of this type is an immunity booster.How is it that a company like Kellogg's can make such a claim when sugar is one of the mostly damaging of all foods to your body? Constant use of sugar causes many major diseases, cancer in particular is one of them. But the list also includes many more illnesses and diseases than you might not believe are effected.Do you realize that in America it's illegal to claim that vitamin D boost immunity function (even though there is many facts to support this)? There have been doctors and clinics that express the merits of these kinds of natural remedies and have been shut down and threatened with arrests.Why...
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