Experiment on the Effects of Eating Breakfast

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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It is always said that it is important to eat a hearty breakfast before a big day to ensure success. However, does this statement hold true when it comes to eating breakfast before taking standardized tests? We designed an experiment which would put an answer to this question. The experiment tests the spectrum of standardized test scores of those who ate breakfast versus the scores of those who ate nothing.

This experiment would be a single blind study because the scientists would not be biased therefore they would have no reason to alter the test results; it is a purely research type experiment. There would be two groups involved in the experiment- the experimental group, which would be given a hearty breakfast thirty minutes prior to taking the test, and the control group, which would be given nothing to eat. The two groups would then be given the same amount of time to take identical tests. The test scores of the experimental group would be compared to the scores of the control group. If, as a whole, the breakfast-eating group’s scores were higher than the other group’s, it would prove that eating before taking a test would be beneficial to the grade received. The breakfast would be the independent variable and the scores would be the dependent variable. It would be important for the scientists to receive informed consent because they could not just experiment without the person’s permission because of ethical reasons.

We learned a lot from doing this project. We learned how to set up a psychological experiment and identify different components of that experiment. We liked the satisfaction of setting up and describing our own experiment successfully. We disliked the rest of it. We designed an experiment to test how eating breakfast impacts the outcome of test scores taken shortly afterwards.
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