Benefits of Access in Workplace

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Benefits of Access in a work Environment
Implementing Microsoft Access software into the work environment of Party Plates Company will be very beneficial to our environment. Microsoft Access is very useful and efficient database software that allows individuals to handle large volumes of data. Having access to Microsoft within the work environment will allow better communication between departments of our business and help identify deficiencies and problems among our company. There are several benefits and reasons why Microsoft Access will be useful in our company’s work environment. MS Access is cost efficient and user friendly. This software allows the user the ease of creating contracts, issue tracking, project tracking, asset tracking, invoicing, and customers and appointment assistance. The software also works well with other products in the Microsoft Office software (Software-Matters, 2011). Secondly, MS is highly efficient. This database can integrate large volumes of data into one database. Rather the company inputs information into the database or import current information. The program will help the company maintain current clients and previous clients’ orders, receipts, shipped orders and other pertinent documents. Using this database at Party Plates Company will help employees share information across the company and build a collaboratively working environment (Software-Matters, 2011). Thirdly, MS databases works primarily off of storage. Therefore if a power outage occurs, information that has already been imputed will not be lost. If an employee accidently closes out the program information that is entered will automatically save. MS is continually updated and accessible to multiple users at the same time. MS prevents data duplication and helps avoid data entry errors. (Software-Matters, 2011). Overall Microsoft Access will bring tremendous benefits to our company and ease to the workload of our employees. This software will allow an efficient...
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