Online Learning vs. Classroom (on-Ground) Learning

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Derrick Tabor
Everest Online
November 04, 2011

When doing research on how some of the main operations systems play a major role in the success of one’s business. Like Microsoft Words, one of the key tools when creating document needed for letters, resumes, and many other great things. Power Points are a good system when promoting your business, and Excel’s is a great expertise of organizing data, graph data, and to develop professional looking report. We’ve really achieved the ideal of what I wanted Microsoft to become. (Gates, 2008)

Microsoft Office the impact in business
Microsoft Words is a word processor program and was previously considered to be the main program in Office. Many businesses use Microsoft Word to conduct the professional looking documents to help you get your business recognize on today competitive market. When using a word processor you need to consider the wonders of this program when writing letters, resumes, reports, newsletters, and provide you with the tools that enable you to create Web pages. In promoting your business, Words is the building block in the advertisement of the venue. Power Points are a complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional-looking presentations. Power Point contains several features to simplify creating a slide show. Using this Office feature can boost productivity by making tasks and options readily accessible. To make your presentation more impressive, you can add diagrams, tables, pictures, and animation effects just to add a few things. Using Power Point can give you the flexibility to make presentations using a projection device or overhead transparencies. In addition, you can take advantage of the World Wide Web and run virtual presentations on the Internet. In business Power Point is a good way of keeping the audiences intention.

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations, graph data,...
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