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Case Study
1. What are the challenges facing L’Oreal management?
2. Make a list of all the functionalities of M@sternet described in the video. What kind of a knowledge management system is M@sternet? 3. Why did L’Oreal say it chose the SharePoint platform?
4. What do you think are the ultimate benefits of M@sternet for L’Oreal? 5. What might be some limitations of SharePoint in this application?

1. L’Oreal is a large-sized and international enterprise with many branches all over the world, making it difficult to communicate immediately with other employees around the world as well as share information. It is important to have good mutual communication between each department. In order to overcome the obstacles of being in different places, they need a secure and instant knowledge management system such as M@sternet.

2. It is a powerful information system with various functions such as search engine and discussion forums which allows people to have control over information according to their needs and organizational roles to make management more efficient.

3. Share point helps people reach the information easy and quick. It also makes searching information within a huge database efficient. Moreover, the system can combine with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. It can also be modified via email. It is a user-friendly system.

4. I think that the ultimate benefits of M@sternet for L’Oreal are increasing the efficiency of information delivery, providing a safe platform to manage the database, and improving the searching tool.

5. Some software developers indicated SharePoint is too complex to be developed. In addition, its structure is different from other web based applications. Week Six Case Study – Case 1: L’Oreal Knowledge Management Using Microsoft SharePoint

1. What are the challenges facing L’Oreal management?

L’Oreal, founded in 1907, is world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company selling globally more than 500 brands. L’Oreal...
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