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  • Published: July 18, 2013
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Help With Microsoft® PowerPoint® Assignments


Microsoft® PowerPoint® software is used widely in business and education to create visual presentations to accompany live speaking.

Table of Contents
Using Microsoft® PowerPoint®1
Creating Your Best Work in Microsoft® PowerPoint®2
Details You Should Know4
Submitting Your Microsoft® PowerPoint® File5

Using Microsoft® PowerPoint

Microsoft® PowerPoint® software is widely used in business and education to create slides to accompany live presentations. Microsoft® PowerPoint® files contain slides that are presented sequentially, most often by means of a computer running the software connected to a projector. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is the software used to create slides, organize them into a slideshow, and present them.

* When used in a live presentation, the presenter uses the mouse button, the spacebar, or the arrow keys to advance to the next slide.

* To help make the slides more interesting, Microsoft® PowerPoint® provides a number of visual styles and themes so that all slides can have a similar look.

* Each theme or style accommodates a number of slide types in the form of empty slide templates, which may then be populated with content. Among the many templates are title slides, bullet-point slides, slides with spaces for images, and so on.

* In addition, the creator can control transitions between slides and other simple animations, such as having bullet points appear one at a time instead of all at once.

* Space is provided in the presentation file—not visible to viewers—where presentation or speaker notes can be stored for the presenter to refer to as he or she is presenting. Because Online Campus students cannot usually give their presentations to the class, speaker notes are often required as part of online students’ submissions in lieu of actually giving the presentation. (See Creating Your Best Work in...
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