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You need to learn English language to improve your understanding. Many experts believe the language to be an easy access to knowledge. Once you understand and speak English you can easily get hold of valuable information.

The fact that most online references and textbooks are written in the English language imply that it can improve your life. In addition, major percentage of the world's population speak English. So if you don't know to speak English you'll be considered out of the league.


There has been a language called ‘English’ for at least 1300 years. It descends from a form of Germanic brought to Britain by the Anglo-Saxons, whose homelands lay along the eastern shores of the North Sea. English is a practical language, with a long history of richness and vigour of the English vocabulary arise and expanded globally and become the mother tongue of more than 360 million people around the globe. And about the same number again have at least a working knowledge of English.

The position of English on the international scene now seems unassailable. The political and economic power of Britain in the century and of the USA in this makes English a necessity for people looking beyond their immediate environments.

IN DEPTH: The Benefits of Speaking Effectively in English

Like Latin before it, English has become, in the 20th century, the usual means of communication between people with no other language in common. English is, for example, the chief language of science and technology. It is estimated that nowadays some two-thirds of scientific paper are written in English. By an agreement made after the Second World War, aircraft pilots and ships’ captains on international routes have to have proficiency in radio English. Similarly in international scenes of diplomacy, English also the official language used. For example English used in Commonwealth and the International Olympic Committee, and one of the United Nations’s working languages besides French.

Therefore, to achieve big leaps in your career you must know how to speak English fluently. Here are some of the common benefits of learning English: • Travel – As we know that English is an international language, which is spoken by a majority of population in the world. So you do not have to worry about being totally misunderstood when you visit a new place or country. • Study – Most of the books and instructions are written in English. Almost  every subject such as Science, Math, History, Geography and others are all taught in English. Learning will be much easier if you know how to speak it. Information – Most information provided through printed materials or from the internet are mainly written in English. If you're able to master the language you have higher opportunity to learn more. Studies indicate that more than 80% of the webpages are written in English. Imagine the loss of valuable information you will be missing if you don't know to speak or write English. • Communication – More than a billion people around the world speak English language. Most of the international conferences, seminars and trainings are in English. The language is considered to be an international medium of communication. • Entertainment - Most of the time, good movies and theater plays use the English language. So if you know the language you'll be able to appreciate them even more. In simple words, learning the English language has several benefits.

Benefits of Learning English

• • English is the most spoken language in the world, with French coming in a close second. In fact, international communications use mostly English. In the E.U., many of the emissaries speak English as a foreign language. The number of English learners in the world is huge. It currently stands at slightly more than a billion. If you...
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