English as a Second Language

Topics: English language, Second language, Globalization Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: April 5, 2011
‘English Seen as Co-star among Global Languages’ and ‘ Can English Be Dethroned?’ Decide which article is more persuasive in your opinion and why. Use examples from the articles to support your ideas.

Nowadays, all people say that English is the most essential and easiest language that people could use to communicate in different countries. As I read thoroughly the two articles, which are called “ English seen as a Co-star among Global Language” and “Can English be Dethroned”, I’ve found out that people more commonly accept using English as a second language in the 21st century. We all understand the fact that English has been growing in popularity largely as economic globalization is getting bigger. The benefits of English as a common language for communication and interaction far outweigh any possible disadvantages that it might have. English is a global language not because the world shows respect to it by accepting it as a global language because it has the characteristics of a global language. The very fact that people have linguistic diversity in the US makes it necessary to follow the single language system to ease out the gap in communication. This argument is well presented in the article ‘Can English Be Dethroned?’ The essay answers the question favorably as it suggests English can never be dethroned from its unique position among languages. Globalization has caused it to this high support, and there is no doubt that the language cannot be removed from its number one position in a global 1

village. This neglecting of boundaries and barriers have made communication unable to be avoided; creating the need for a common language is also inescapable. Especially back in my country, still wearing our traditional longyi and htamein, which wrap around our waist represent that we are still native language speaker, from the point of view of western people; however, we have adopted English as a common language that promoted our self to the world. This...
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