Innovative Techniques to Enhance English as an International Language

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  • Published: December 31, 2012
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INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES TO ENHANCE ENGLISH AS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE English is an international language, spoken in many countries both as a native and as a second or foreign language. It is taught in the schools in almost every country on this earth. It is a living and vibrant language spoken by over 300 million people as their native language. Millions more speak it as an additional language. English is spoken habitually almost everywhere in the world. English is the associate official language of India which has over 1000 million (over billion) people. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other nations which were ruled by Britain continue to use English both as an optional medium of instruction in their schools and as one of their official languages. The islands of the Philippines continue to use English as an important tool for education, administration, and for mass media purposes. English is the chief foreign language taught in the schools of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. English is the predominant language of international commerce. Although the United Nations and its various agencies have more than one language for transaction but English comes to be chosen as the preferred language of communication between the participating member-nations. English was well established as the dominant language in North America in the 17th Century. But its rapid growth was in the 19th Century. English is learned everywhere because people have found out that knowledge of English is mandatory for better career, better package, advanced knowledge, and for communication with the entire world. English is also learned for the literature it possesses, and for the variety and rich experience it provides. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE

The history of English may be divided into three periods: Old English from about 700 to 1100 AD, Middle English from 1100 to 1500 AD, and Modern English from 1500 to the present. Old English showed considerable differentiation from...
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